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The majority of their traditional beauty products come from nature, so can’t ours?

Here at Aenika: Haircare, we aim to merge Eastern beauty traditions into the Western world to create beautiful natural products, that can add a little oophm into our day to day lives.

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Join the Revolution By Going Natural

Discover our coconut oil treatment for oily or dry hair types. Vegan, Cruelty free and sustainability sourced. Add the oil prior to washing to bring your hair nourishment and shine

How easy it is to get lost into our busy lives?

In the Western world, we’re used to jumping from trend to trend and follow the latest advice in what could be called an endless pursuit of beauty, but… have we actually taken the time to look into the ingredients? Usually, it’s packed with chemicals (which we consider a big no-no) but there’s really no other alternative is there?

Well until now…

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See what people are saying...

I tried the ‘lush’ one last night and I woke up to soft hydrated shiny hair I love it 😍🤩


The product is honestly amazing. I love it. My hair is so dry so I kept it longer and worked great. I’ll definitely buy the oil once this is finished 😌

Anastasia Kapara

Hiya I’ve tried the coconut oil on my hair and my hair is feeling in better condition thank you so much my hair definitely needed it xxx

Claire M Baker

After: I left the oil in my hair for 4 hours then washed it with shampoo only. As it is visible form the second photo, my hair felt smooth and soft to the touch. I’ve never had this effect when I have use other hair oils in the past 🙆‍♀️

Bhumika Jignesh