Picture this. Its Saturday night, you and the girls are heading out for night on the town. Makeup ready, clothes on point but… your hair… it’s…greasy! How is this possible? You only washed it a few hours ago! Maybe you shouldn’t have brushed it that last time? Maybe you should wear a hat or wear it up? Do you even have a hat to match that amazing outfit?

We know this struggle all too well. All that time trying new hairdos and you’re worse off now that when you started. Not to mention the amount you have spent on dry shampoo! All is not as bad as it seems.

Why this product? Like any great recipe, this product has it all to combat oily looking hair. Made with natural ingredients let mother nature get to work. A pinch of Lemon Peel will strip away unwanted grease. Add in some Grapeseed which is packed with essential proteins and minerals alongside our staple Coconut oil base and voila. You will now have beautiful, healthy, greaseless shine.

I know the thought of adding oil to oily hair may seem counterintuitive- but coconut provides hair with a solid base which allows your scalp to breath naturally. This means your scalp will not over produce extra oil to compensate! You’re welcome!


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Gooseberry Oil, Capryliclic, Sage Leaf Oil, Citrus Lemon Peel Oil

My hair was left incredibly silky soft and swish-worthy after just the first use, plus I noticed extra shine and almost no frizz. Brilliant stuff!

Evelyn | wewereraisedbywolves.co.uk

I have used this several times now and I cannot tell you how much my hair felt softer right from the first time using this, it was also less knotty

Aqeela | diaryofamakeupgeek.com

I have quickly become addicted to this product! I use it on my hair every other night before I go to sleep and wash it out in the morning. Love it!

Anjelica Delfino | Marketing Manager