Naturally Beautiful.

It’s no secret that going natural is beautiful. Nature always provides the answer. Yet in our busy lives of today, tomorrow and the foreseeable future, that beauty can go amiss.

So let’s talk hair. Here in the Western world, we tend to jump onto the latest trend, which is normally packed with chemical no-no’s. All this for an endless pursuit of beauty. We all hate it, yet we all buy into it. Well not anymore.

So what is the alternative? Is there one? In short, yes. In the East, there is a much simpler philosophy. We are a product of Nature, therefore everything we need is already around us. The majority of their traditional beauty products come from nature, so can’t ours? Here at Aenika, we aim to merge these Eastern traditions into our Western world to create beautiful natural products, that can add a little oophm into our day to day lives.

This is just the beginning


My hair was left incredibly silky soft and swish-worthy after just the first use, plus I noticed extra shine and almost no frizz. Brilliant stuff!

Evelyn |

I have used this several times now and I cannot tell you how much my hair felt softer right from the first time using this, it was also less knotty

Aqeela |

I have quickly become addicted to this product! I use it on my hair every other night before I go to sleep and wash it out in the morning. Love it!

Anjelica Delfino | Marketing Manager